Hybrid and Electric Auto Repair

Servicing and Hybrid auto repair is still a relatively new field. Technicians need special training in how to properly service and repair electric cars.
We have the training and certification at Oakwood Car Care required to diagnose, replace, and repair parts on your electric vehicles. Our services include both preventative maintenance, oil changes and regular repairs.

Hybrid Auto Repair

Hybrid cars still have many of the same components as a regular car, so proper maintenance is vital.Hybrid and Electric Auto Repair

You can trust your investment to Oakwood Car Care where we have over 50 years of customer service.

Common auto repair issues for hybrid or electric cars includes:

Battery problems: most electric car batteries are good for 80,000 miles.
Best practice is keeping your battery charged between 40% and 60%.
Power Transfer: On German hybrids there have been issues with power transfer between the engine and the batteries
Engine Light: Hybrid’s will often have false Check Engine lights displayed.  A quick diagnostic is usually best to avoid possible expensive repairs.