Halesite Auto Repairs Services:

Oakwood Car Care provides a full range of quality auto service on Long Island. Our state-of-the-art auto service and repair shops are conveniently located in Halesite, NY. Every quality auto repair starts with an accurate diagnosis. The state-of-the-art tools and equipment we use will make sure you always have the right information. Our expert-level skills are complemented by the most advanced equipment in the automotive repair industry.Greenlawn Auto Repirs

To keep your car on the road for the longest amount of time, it is vital to routinely maintenance it. The goal of our auto services is to keep your vehicle on the road for as long as possible. Oakwood Car Care has devoted itself in providing our Nassau and Suffolk County customers with the maximum quality auto service and repairs. We are equipped with today’s latest automotive technology and are able to handle all auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles. Our qualified auto technicians provide top class repairs to any of your car’s systems including brakes, oil change, tire service, electrical,  fuel, suspension and engine. We are always ready to assist with your vehicle’s service and maintenance.

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Below is a list of most of our services:

Fleet Service: Fleet maintenance is a vital of part of managing your fleet.  Reliable, first-class maintenance will diminish downtime and keep your business moving. Read More about Fleet Maintenance

State Inspection: Do you want your New York State Vehicle Inspection done fast and effortlessly? Oakwood Car Care is the best location to get your car inspected. Read More about State Inspection

Oil Change: A certified service technician is ready to help you with your next oil change service. Each oil change comes with the added confidence that you’re receiving the right oil for your vehicle to achieve top quality performance. Read More Oil Change

Brake Systems: At Oakwood Car Care, we want our Long Island customers to have the chance to feel relaxed in their vehicle.  We will examine the calipers, rotors, drums, brake pads, brake fluid and all the other workings in your braking system. Read More about Brake Systems

Alignment & Balancing: If your vehicle is swerving to the side or pulling while on the road, you often have an alignment problem. Ensuring your vehicle is flawlessly aligned is tough, but very imperative to do as increased performance, gas mileage, and safety all come from properly aligned wheels. Read More about Alignment & Balancing

Battery Replacement: Your vehicle’s battery is the foundation of electrical currents necessary to start the engine. The battery provides power to your vehicle’s accessories and electrical parts. Read More about Battery Replacement

Tire Sales & Service:  Oakwood Car Care has the best service and selection of tires for all vehicles includes 4x4s for sale in the Huntington area! To improve your vehicle’s control, increase tire life and drive safely it is important to check your tires every month to ensure that they are inflated with the right amount of air pressure. Read More about Tire Sales and Services

Air Filter Replacement: Replacing your vehicle’s air filter as soon as it is needed can have a positive impact on your vehicle’s engine lifetime and performance as well as help to keep the air in your vehicle cleaner. Read More about Air Filter Replacement

Belt & Hoses: Belts and hoses are disposed to cracking and corrosion as they age.  These items can crack, leak or fray from constant exposure to temperature, vibration and other chemicals.  If not properly preserved, any one of these could be disastrous for your overall engine performance. Read More about Belts and Hoses

Air Conditioning: Is your car’s Air condition broken? At Oakwood Car Care, we provide reliable car AC services to all drivers throughout Huntington, NY and in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Read More about Air Conditioning

Radiator Service: A vehicle’s cooling system is designed to protect the engine from the destructive forces of too much heat. If the system isn’t up to par, simple vehicle tasks such as sitting idle in rush-hour traffic can cause a vehicle to overheat even when temperatures drop below freezing. Read More about Radiator Service

Smog and Emissions: Are you due for a smog check? New York State requires all registered vehicles to have two kinds of inspection each year. The first is a safety inspection and the second is an emissions inspection. Oakwood Car Care is a licensed inspection station issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. We are licensed to perform both NY state inspections necessary for you vehicle. Read More about Smog and Emissions

Check Engine Light:  Oakwood Car Care can get to the bottom of the reason your check engine light is on and fix the problem quickly to get you back on the road. Read More about Check Engine Light

Computer Diagnostics:  Oakwood Car Care provides computer diagnostics and repair services. Every car today has an on-board diagnostic system. We connect our machines to your car’s system to pinpoint problems in the vehicle. We will diagnosis the problem quickly and effectively to make sure you are on the road again in no time at all. Read More about Computer Diagnostics

Replace Lights: Oakwood Car Care’s team can replace any non-working light on your vehicle. In New York State it is important to keep all of your lights properly working. If you a light that is out, stop by today and we’ll be happy to replace it for you. Read More about Light Replacement

Preventative Maintenance: Bringing your vehicle to us for routine service is a great way for you to save money on your vehicles overall costs. It also saves time and avoids future mechanical problems. Read More about Preventative Maintenance

Power Steering Issues: The ability to control your vehicle is extremely important especially when it comes to your wellbeing.  There are many things that play into your vehicle’s handling and responsiveness, power steering issues can be very dangerous if not looked into right away. Read More about Power Steering Issues

Exhaust System: If burning gas creates smoke and fumes, it can be very unsafe for you and the environment.  There is no simple way to entirely filter these things, but the exhaust system in your vehicle removes a lot of the harmful toxins before they are released.  If there are holes in your exhaust system, the exhaust can escape before it’s appropriately filtered. Read More about Exhaust Systems

Fuel Injection: This service will reinstate lost power and performance and will decrease damaging exhaust emissions. Dirty fuel injectors can result in reduced acceleration and many other negative reactions. They can also lead to higher carbon monoxide emissions which is not good if you need an emissions test. Read More about Fuel Injection

Electrical: Oakwood Car Care certified mechanics are trained to help with all of your electrical needs. Contact us today or stop by to allow our experienced technicians service your vehicle. Read More about Electrical


If you are looking for the best Halesite Auto Repairs service call us today @ (631) 423-1999 or schedule a repair online.