Oil Change
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Oil Change in Huntington Station, NY

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Keeping Your Engine Running

Having your vehicle follow a routine oil change is crucial to maintaining your vehicle’s level of performance. This simple service ensures that the engine is always utilizing fresh, clean oil, which lubricates and protects the engine. If your vehicle is in need of an oil change, make sure you visit Oakwood Car Care in Huntington Station, New York. Our service managers will work with you to understand what’s the best oil for your vehicle and budget. Once the motor oil has been selected, our ASE Certified technicians will quickly remove the old, worn oil from your vehicle and replace it with the fresh oil your vehicle needs. The service is performed with quality, speed, and affordability in mind, so you can quickly get back to what you need to do without spending more than you have to!

Do You Need an Oil Change?

As many vehicle owners know, checking the motor oil in your vehicle is just as important as having it regularly changed. This allows you to examine its current condition and determine if you need an oil change sooner than expected. During this inspection, you need to look out for signs of bad oil. By knowing the signs, you’ll be able to get ahead of any problems before they gets worse. During your next oil check, make sure to look out for these signs of bad oil!

Dark Oil

If you see that your amber colored motor oil has darkened, don’t panic. This indicates that your oil is simply doing its job in keeping the engine clean. As the motor oil continues to be exposed to numerous cycles, it will start to pick up some of the dirt, gunk, and sludge that is typically found throughout the engine, which helps avoid buildups in the engine parts. Although this darker oil is normal, you still need to change it. If not replaced with clean oil, the dark oil could eventually turn to sludge and cause significant damage to your engine!

Metal Flakes

It’s normal for oil to take on a grittier appearance as it gets worn. This texture is just the result of a variety of contaminants collected by the oil during its cycles throughout the engine. What’s not normal is if you notice sizeable metal flakes within the oil. This indicates something is wrong within the engine and you’ll not only need to have the oil changed, but you may be facing engine repairs as well.

Schedule Your Next Oil Service!

If your vehicle is scheduled for its next oil change, make sure you visit the Huntington Station, New York fluid service specialists — Oakwood Car Care. We’ll remove that old, used oil from your vehicle and replace it with the fresh, clean oil it needs. We also take the time to understand the motor oils your vehicle can use and what will be suitable for your budget. By the end of your visit, your vehicle will be filled with oil needed to keep it clean and functioning. Call our facility at 631-423-1999 to schedule your next visit with us today! If you’re looking for same-day service, we also accept all walk-in clients. Just visit our facility at 65 East Pulaski Road, on the corner of Depot Road and Pulaski Road. We look forward to serving you!