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Tire Sales in Huntington Station, NY

New York’s Go-To Tire Vendor -- Oakwood Car Care

Providing The Tires You Need

The tires are the first point of contact your vehicle makes with the road. It’s because of them that your vehicle is able to maintain traction, even in adverse conditions such as rain, sleet, and snow. To ensure that your vehicle reaps the benefits of a good tire, it needs a new set every now and then. That’s where Oakwood Car Care can help. Our facility is the go-to tire vendor in Huntington Station, New York, and for good reason, as our automotive team takes the time to understand what tire is best for your budget and vehicle. We’ll walk you through the variety of tires available at our shop and explain the benefits and cost of each tire. Once the tires are selected, we can install them onto your vehicle so you start experiencing the driving benefits right away! Whether you’re looking for a full set or a spare, we have the all the tires available to ensure you maintain full control on the road!

Need a New Tire?

Outside of having a flat or seeing glaring damage, it’s hard to determine when your vehicle will need new tires. A lot of the times, drivers think about cost efficiency and look to really stretch the life of their tire. Although this mindset is understandable, it is also dangerous as driving with badly worn tires compromises the safety of your vehicle. Oakwood Car Care is here to assist you. Make sure to check your current set for these problems!

Balding Tire

New tires have a lot of tread. Over time, that tread deteriorates due to the variety of driving conditions it will experience, which is known as “balding.” If you look at your tire and notice that the tread looks thin, that’s a sign that you need new tires. In severe situations, the balding may become so bad that when you reach into your tire, the metal belt will be exposed and could possibly hurt your hand. Avoid this situation by having your tires replaced with a brand new set.

Tire Sealant

Instead of a spare tire, a lot of vehicles are now equipped with tire sealant. This is a cost-effective move from manufacturers, as it’s a lot cheaper to provide a sealant bottle than it is to provide a whole wheel and tire. Unfortunately, this sealant isn’t a permanent solution to your tire problems and like a spare, it’s only a temporary fix. The sealant can also wreck the PSI monitor found in your vehicle! In most cases, you’ll need to have this replaced too. If you find yourself using a tire sealant, please make sure that you visit a shop for a tire replacement service.

Get Your New Tires Today!

Nothing is better or safer for your vehicle than fitting it with brand new tires. They allow your vehicle to firmly grip the road and it give you added control and stability. If you think your vehicle is in need of new tires, make sure you visit Oakwood Car Care — the go-to tire vendor in Huntington Station, NY! Our automotive team will help find the right tire for your vehicle and install them in no time at all! Give us a call at 631-423-1999 to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by our facility! We’re located on 65 East Pulaski Road, on the corner of Depot Roa and Pulaski Road. We look forward to serving you!

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