Understanding the Tire Repair Process

Can Your Tire Be Fixed? Or Do You Need a New One?

As an auto repair business in Huntington Station, Oakwood Car Care understands the havoc that unkempt roadways can have on your vehicle. It isn’t uncommon for a piece of debris to puncture your tire, leaving you with a flat. When this happens, it is natural to worry about the cost of a tire replacement. Thankfully, not every tire puncture requires a replacement. Sometimes a simple patch and repair will do.

Determining If Repair is Possible

While tire repairs are possible, not every situation will allow for such a fix. A tire can only be repaired if the damage is within the puncture repair area of the tire, typically found a couple of inches in from the shoulder. Also, the puncture cannot be more than 1/4 inch in diameter. Finally, if there has been a previous repair, the new one cannot overlap.

The Process

The tire repair process, while straight forward, is somewhat complicated and should be performed by a professional. It involves five steps after removal and inspection.

  1. Trim and stabilize the punctured area.
  2. Pull a rubber stem through the puncture, sealing the interior of the tire.
  3. Buff the puncture area and apply vulcanizing glue from the inside.
  4. Apply patch on the inner liner over the puncture.
  5. Remount tire, inflate to correct pressure, and check for leaks.

When Repairs Are Impossible

Unfortunately, not every tire is repairable. There are at least three ways to tell if your tire should be replaced rather than repaired.

  1. Outside Repair Area
  2. If the puncture occurred on the sidewall or the shoulder of the tire, then you will need to replace the tire. The puncture repair area is the only place on a tire that can be safely patched and resealed.

  3. Bulge in Sidewall
  4. If you drove into a road hazard, like a deep pothole or the curb, and you notice a bulge or bubble in the sidewall of the tire, then the tire has been severely damaged. You cannot repair this type of accident.

  5. Size of Puncture
  6. Last, even if a puncture appears within the puncture repair area, it may be too large to be repaired. Any damage over a 1/4 inch in diameter cannot be repaired.

If you have experienced a flat tire and would like to know if it can be repaired, then contact Oakwood Car Care. One of the technicians will gladly assess the damage.

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