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Proper Alignment, Smooth Drives

At Oakwood Car Care in Huntington Station, New York, we understand just how important proper wheel alignment is to a quality driving experience. Responsible for ensuring the wheels meet the road at a proper angle, it’s why you’re able to experience a smooth drive. Unfortunately, it’s easy for vehicles to fall out of alignment. A pothole or road debris is all that’s required to knock your vehicle off alignment, and our team is here to help with that. Our ASE Certified technicians and service managers take the time to understand the severity of your vehicle’s misalignment. Once done, they’ll quickly perform the realignment service so you can get back on the road. We back most of our services with a 24 Month / 24,000 Mile warranty, just speak with our service managers for more details!

Does Your Vehicle Suffer From Misalignment?

Outside of having a wheel alignment service being part of your regular maintenance routine, the best way to maintain alignment is to understand when your vehicle is misaligned. Knowing these signs allows you to get in front of the issues before they get worse. If you think your vehicle needs realignment, make sure to keep your eyes out for these signs of misalignment!

Uneven Tire Wear

This is a classic sign of misalignment that is easy and safe to identify. Before your next drive, inspect the tires and look at them in sets — front and back. Does the tread wear pattern on the front set of tires match the back set of tires? If so, then your vehicle is fine. If not, then it is likely suffering from misalignment. We recommend having a realignment service performed the moment this is noticed, or you may find yourself replacing the tires one at a time, instead of all together.


Pulling is when the steering wheel is in a neutral position and your vehicle drifts one way or the other, instead of staying straight. There are varying degrees of pulling, with some being subtle while others are extremely severe and dangerous to drive with. Although this is a sign of misalignment, make sure to check your tire’s PSI level first, as an underinflated tire is another common cause for pulling.

If the signs of pulling are more subtle, you can actually test for it. When driving slowly in an empty parking lot, release the steering wheel of your vehicle while it’s in a neutral position. If you notice the vehicle drifting one way or another, your vehicle is likely suffering from wheel misalignment.

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Driving with misaligned wheels is not only a burden, but it also compromises your safety. For your next drive, make sure you’re heading to Oakwood Car Care, the realignment specialists in Huntington Station, NY. Our automotive team utilizes state-of-the-art realignment equipment to ensure each service is performed with precision and accuracy. We make sure that your wheels are at the right angle so you can have a smooth drive. Whether you have questions about our realignment service or want to schedule a visit, give us a call at 631-423-1999. Need a same-day service? We happily accept walk-in clients, just visit our facility at 65 East Pulaski Road. We’re on the corner of Depot Road and Pulaski Road. We look forward to serving you!