Why Do I Need So Many Oil Changes?

Let Us Explain…

If you have been driving and maintaining a vehicle for a while, you may start to feel like you’re always getting oil changes, prompting you to wonder why you need so many. We promise there’s a good reason to stay on a regular oil change schedule, which likely means visiting Oakwood Car Care every few months for service. And no, it’s not because we want to see you, although we do enjoy catching up with our customers! What we’re really concerned with is your car’s health. Here are a few reasons why you need routine oil changes:

Oil’s Life Cycle

All parts on your vehicle have a life cycle. It starts when they are brand new and installed on your vehicle. They work everyday to keep your car going until their inevitable wear and eventual replacement, and oil is no different. In fact, you could say it has a relatively fast life cycle compared to other car components. Brand new, clean oil is added to your car. It collects dirt and contaminants to keep other parts clean, until it’s so dirty that it can’t collect anymore. Then it’s drained to remove the grime and the cycle begins again.

Oil Breaks Down

Even if dirt never got into the motor oil, you would still need regular oil changes. That’s because motor oil and all of its helpful additives that protect your engine wear out over time. After cycling through the engine endlessly, the oil eventually loses its properties that make it effective at lubricating, controlling temperatures, and protecting parts. That’s when it’s time to swap it for something new that’s capable of doing the job right. If you don’t change it, your car may be susceptible to damage when the oil no longer circulates effectively.

Your Car Ages

You love driving your vehicle, and with every extra mile it needs extra care to continue performing its best. Your vehicle will age, like all things, and needs additional support throughout its lifespan to run well. At some point, your car might need a different kind of motor oil with conditioners and other additives that offer extra engine protection.

Although it might feel like you’re spending a lot of time at the auto shop every few months for oil changes, we promise that it’s what’s best for your vehicle. At Oakwood Car Care in Huntington Station, New York, that’s our number one priority!

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