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A Cheaper Alternative

During the course of vehicle ownership, you may encounter a situation where your tire is severely damaged, whether it’s from debris or a bad pothole. Maybe you are dealing with a problem of having a flat tire and need to get your tire repaired. Whenever this happens, it’s understandable to think that you’ll have to get the tire replaced. With the amount of damage it’s sustained, there’s no way the tire can be repaired, right? Well, maybe it can Today’s technology has allowed auto shops to repair damaged tires and return them to their previous level of performance, which saves time and money for you. If you suspect damage in your tire, make sure you visit Oakwood Car Care, the tire repair specialists in Huntington Station, New York. Our ASE Certified technicians and service managers will take the time to fully inspect your tire and see if it’s qualified for a repair. If so, they’ll quickly perform them so that you’re back on the road in no time. We back most of our services with our Oakwood Coverage Plan, which offers you 24 Months/24,000 Miles on parts and labor. Speak with our service managers for more details!

Is Your Tire Qualified?

Unfortunately, not all damaged tires can be repaired. Sometimes driving on a flat tire can cause damage that makes the tire unsafe. This is because the safety of a badly damaged tire is compromised. Prior to a repair service, our technicians take the tire through a thorough inspection process to see if the tire is qualified for a repair. When inspecting the tire, they will look at the severity, location, and size of the damage. The tire must pass all three parts in order to be repaired. If it fails even one part of the inspection, the tire will be deemed unfit for repair and need to be replaced.

When looking at the severity of the damage, our technicians want to ensure the inner and outer walls of the tire are still intact. Sometimes unaware drivers will continue to drive on a flat tire, which could cause additional problems down the road. If there are abrasions, bulges, chafing, and other signs of damage within the inner or outer wall, then the tire cannot be repaired. If the tire looks good, then they look at the location and size of the damage. The damage needs to be located within the tread of the tire and must not have a puncture that is bigger than ¼” in diameter. If both of these stipulations are met, then the tire is qualified and the repairs will proceed!

Schedule Your Repair Today!

Did your tire recently suffer from damage? If so, don’t replace it just yet, as it may be eligible for repair! Sometimes flat tires can be saved by getting a tire patch! To find out, make sure you visit Oakwood Car Care in Huntington Station, New York! Our automotive professionals will quickly inspect your tire’s condition to determine if it can be repaired. If so, they’ll perform the necessary repairs so you can get back to your life. After a visit with us, your damaged tire will be performing like brand new! Give us a call at 631-423-1999 to schedule your tire inspection and repair today! If you need same-day service, we happily accept walk-in clients! Just visit us at the corner of Depot Road and Pulaski Road — 65 East Pulaski Road. We look forward to serving you!